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Two stories

Posted on 2010.06.09 at 11:29

I have two munchkin stories for you.

Story the first:

Yesterday, I took the kids to a shopping mall that had a wonderful indoor play area.  Due to the rain, it was packed, there were probably 50 kids crawling, climbing, and running around.  Through tunnels, over plastic animals, driving pretend cars, etc.

Fifteen month old Asher was happily crawling back and forth through a tunnel, when he was surprised by a little girl about his age crouching down at the other end of the tunnel and peering at him.  Being the bulldozer that he is, Asher barreled forwards, probably intending to plow right over this little girl.

Instead, she stopped him with a single hand, and kissed him!  Asher froze, unsure of how to react, and the girl kissed him again!

At this point, Asher started crawling backwards as fast as he could, and scurried back to me.  The girls mother and I both laughed.  It seems Asher has a girlfriend!  I wonder if he thought to get her telephone number . . .

Story the second:

We were in the car, on expressways for a long time yesterday.  Miriam, age 2.5, took it upon herself to point out every single "Yellow Bus" that she saw, and count them.  "One, Two, Three, Eight, Nine, Ten, Giggle, Two . . ."  She did a very good job, counting yellow buses for mile after mile.

There was a long pause, with nary a yellow bus to be seen, when suddenly she cried out at the top of her lungs "BABY BUS!!!".  Just then, a bright yellow sports car zipped by.

I love how her mind works!


Spring Fever

Posted on 2010.04.13 at 09:52
Children playing in my gardenIt is a beautiful, sunny day in April. We've had several of these lovely days in a row now. I've been able to get my garden bed built, and my seeds sown. Luckily for me, my 2 year old helped with the gardening, so my square foot garden plan has been chucked out the window as we get to see what seeds she strew, and where. To help with that, my 1 year old decided that the raised garden bed is a much better place to play than the sandbox.

But really, that isn't what I'm wanting to discuss today. Today, we are talking about spring fever. I have it. Bad. According to my husband, I get it every year. Or at least I've gotten a case every year he has known me.

In the last few days, I've wanted to

  • have another baby
  • open a yarn store

  • open a quilt fabric store

  • open a cloth diaper store

  • write a novel

  • move to a different city

  • join and get very involved in a synagogue

  • start our own egalitarian minyan

  • go to rabbinical school

  • just go back to school in general with no real goal in mind

  • get a dog

Now, I love my life. I love my children. I don't really want to stop being a Stay at Home mom. It isn't practical anyway for me to stop. We'd have to find childcare. My husband works ungodly hours (70 last week alone). It looks like he'll be starting to travel a lot more for work in the very new future as well. I need to be here, to take care of the kids we've got. The last thing I need is a new baby thrown into the mix. Really.

I'm just bored.

I feel like I'm stagnating. My children are wonderful, but at 1 and 2 years old, they aren't great conversationalists. There are very few other SAHM's in my area. There is only so much Dinosaur Train and Curious George I can take.

Something is lacking from my life.

It could be my husband, considering the hours he puts in to work, but that isn't changing any time soon.

So for now, I brainstorm. I leap from topic to topic, and make myself crazy.

I suppose this Spring Fever will pass. What scares me the most though, is that I'm not sure I want it to.


One hell of a week

Posted on 2010.02.27 at 11:16
Last Saturday, Jason, Asher and I flew to Washington D.C. to go the funeral of our good friends' baby. After going full term and then some, he never got to take a breath on his own. The funeral was monday, and went as well as a funeral can go I suppose. The parents were very strong, and I'm so impressed and proud of them. I hated having to leave, but we had to hurry home for Tuesday.

My mom stayed here at our house, along with Miriam. She's 2 now, and just old enough to know that something sad was going on, but not old enough to understand. She also has hit a very shy stage, and likes to have everything her way, immediately (we are working on that). So Jason and I decided it would be easier for everyone if she just stayed home and got special time with her Bubbie and Zaydie. Dad also stayed here, as he has for the last few weeks since being released from the hospital.

Tuesday, I took Jason to the oral surgeon's to have all four of his wisdom teeth pulled. The surgery itself took about 45 minutes. It turned out there was a lot of infection back there, and as the doctor put it "it was messy". The anesthesia made Jason really funny, and he took direction very well, which was nice for a bit.

However, the bleeding didn't stop the way it should have. After a few hours of constant, continuous, copious bleeding, I called the doctor's office again, and they had us go back in. They gave him two more stitches, and Jason finally clotted, after losing about 2 pints of blood.

We came home, and I got Jason to drink a bit of milkshake, and managed to keep him conscious until the fear of actually losing him passed.

He's still incredibly weak and tired - mostly due to the blood loss.

Wednesday he slept most of the day. I drove dad to and from physical therapy, took care of the kids, and don't remember much else from during the day. My sister came over after work to pick dad up and take him for the evening, as she does every Wednesday, and I was able to convince her to stay here, watch both wounded men, and my kids. I picked mom up, and she and I went for margaritas and then hit Stitch n Bitch.

Thursday is a blur of taking care of the guys, the kids, and the house.

Friday Jason tried to work from home, which really overdid it for him. He was exhausted. Everyone came over for Shabbat dinner. Mom made her famous stuffed cabbage, My sister made mashed potatoes and brownies, and I baked challah during the day. We woke Jason and made him come to the table for Shabbat dinner.

Tonight is Asher's first birthday party, as tomorrow is his actual birthday, and Purim (a fun Jewish holiday involving costumes, noise makers, and getting drunk).

So yeah, I'm a little tired. ;)


Woo Hoo!!!

Posted on 2010.02.02 at 11:42
Dad's biopsy came back negative!


breathing again

Posted on 2010.01.27 at 16:56
It sure is nice to breathe again. Dad's surgery yesterday went really well. The MRI came back clean, so no tumors in his head or neck, and the surgeon says he got the whole tumor that was pressing on dad's spinal cord. Not only that, but the tumor appears to be benign. We have to wait to hear back from pathology to be sure, but all looks good.

Even better though, dad is now out of ICU and has started physical therapy!

It feels good to be slowly getting back to normal.


HOUSE - the musical?

Posted on 2010.01.25 at 20:24
Living in an episode of House is really not fun.

They are performing surgery on dad tomorrow, hopefully around noon. They were planning to do another MRI this evening to make sure there aren't any tumors in his neck or brain, but they canceled that when his heart rate shot through the roof (180) after dinner. Instead they are doing a doppler of his legs and a CT of his heart. They fear there may be blood clots too.


I hate not knowing

Posted on 2010.01.25 at 08:08
I’m a planner. I’m a fairly organized person. I like to know what is going on, and I generally like to be in charge of the situation. Like I said, I’m a planner.

And right now, I’m in a terrible position. I don’t know anything.

As of Friday, my dad had Spinal Stenosis. They operated on him, and the doctor was very pleased with the surgery. He wanted to have a neurologist check my dad out, just to make sure, but he was pleased.

Saturday we had a new diagnosis. An aneurysm in dad’s spinal column. AMY, AVM, something like that. A garble of letters that were very frightening, but the doctors assured us were non-life threatening. Just the same though, they were going to transfer my dad from the local hospital to a major university medical school 25 miles away.

Sunday evening, we have another diagnosis. A tumor. So now he is in Neurological ICU. We don’t know if it is benign or malignant. We don’t know if it is one, or multiple. We don’t know much of anything.

They MAY do another MRI today. They MAY operate today. They MAY operate on Tuesday instead. We don’t know.

My in-laws are in town. They arrived Saturday afternoon. They MAY be leaving today. They MAY stay longer. Again, we don’t know.

I hate not knowing. I don’t know how this week is going to go. I don’t know where I need to be, or when. I don’t know who will be watching my children, and when, because whenever they do surgery, I will be there.

It will all get figured out. Probably at the last minute, but right now, I don’t know.

I hate not knowing.


Twas Erev Christmas

Posted on 2009.12.24 at 20:08
Twas Erev Christmas, and all through the bayit, not a creature was stirring? yeah you can forget it.
The Bubbie and Zaydie came over for dinner, but all Mommy wanted was to hire a sitter.
The daddy worked late, for Christians vacate
At this time of year, Jews don’t celebrate.
The kids both had colds, and one ear infection
Mommy was starting a bourbon obsession
The munchkins were snuggled all nice in their cots, and screaming their heads off
Is it time for shots?
Now afraid this is sounding like alcoholism, Momma has to admit
There has been a schism.
She dreams of the booze, but doesn’t partake
At least not while the kids are awake. ;)
The parents were grateful for their new snow blower
but mostly because, their holiday was OVER!


Can I get a do-over?

Posted on 2009.12.17 at 08:04
My day began (if you can say yesterday ever ended) with my darling husband refusing to get up and help at 4:30 this morning when our daughter got sick, because he "only had an hour left to sleep before the alarm goes off". He'd been asleep since 11 p.m. Unlike me, who again, for the third night in a row was up nearly all night with the boy.

My day got better when the boy woke again at 5 to eat.

I climbed back into bed 2 minutes before DH's alarm went off. Of course, he has to hit the snooze button.

Then, at 6:15, boy wakes up again to eat, and won't go back to sleep (again), so I brought him into bed with me in the hopes that he would play or something, and I could drift off a bit.

Instead, he throws up all over himself, the bed, and me. Third time I'd gotten thrown up on since returning from SnB last night.

So, I'm up, and dressed. All my comfy jeans are in the wash, so I'm wearing my "skinny" jeans. It goes without saying that today is not a "skinny" day.

Oh, and today is also daughter's 2nd birthday. Funny, I'm not in a mood to celebrate. It's a good thing all the celebrations are planned for Friday and Saturday, and that she is too young to know that today is the actual day.

Can I get a do-over on last night? And this morning? Please?



Posted on 2009.12.09 at 16:37
I haven't said much about healthcare in this country. I have good friends, whose opinions I value, on both sides of the issue. However . . .

Today's compromise, and what I'm reading currently (Consumerist, Slate, Chicago Tribune, NPR, etc) has led me to one, depressing conclusion. Health care reform in this country is going to be even worse than I had anticipated. Instead of lowering costs, or extending coverage, or ensuring coverage for everyone, or reforming tort law, or any of the number of things promised, all it is doing is providing welfare for the insurance companies.

1. You have to have insurance, mandated by law
2. The only place you can get insurance is from a for-profit insurance company
3. Assuming, of course, that you can even get one of those companies to offer you a plan

Like I said, the worst of all possible worlds - except of course if you run an HMO or PPO. If I had some $ to spare, I know where I'd be investing today.


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